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Howdy Friends,

Welcome to blog your destination to Learn, Earn & Grow. Blog About Cricket, Match Preview, Pure Calculation Based Predictions. We try to cover most of International Matches, League Matches, as you can say Yah It’s a Prediction blog.

My name is Addi, You can call me a Predictor, a Player, a corporate professional who is eager to learn & grow in his life I don’t want to work, I want to enjoy my work. On 27th July 2017, i started my Prediction Site With My Beloved Small Brother Mi Lu which is in Hindi language but I want to share my knowledge with entire world so I found blogging is the best to share knowledge and earn living here everything is in English. [ Addi ]

About blog:

If I talk about this blog I post quality content here on Match Preview and want to help you as per my capabilities. I want people to believe in themselves & execute their own ideas to get success in their life.

The other thing which inspired me to start a blog is MONEY as you all know everyone on this earth needs money to get motivated & live their life smoothly, so I found blogging is the best way to generate money through it’s not easy but I believe in myself. [ Mi Lu ]